Maintenance of Chip processing equipment and improvement of production efficiency


How to carry out maintenance and maintenance of equipment.

SMT processing has become an indispensable part of the electronic equipment industry, especially the placement machine as the leading force in the whole processing process is also huge. At the same time, the problem arises. After purchasing and using the equipment, most customers know little about the daily maintenance of the equipment, which will eventually lead to the damage of the equipment, which will cause additional loss of resources. So what are the maintenance details of the processing equipment? Focus and equipment maintenance, but also can really improve the actual production efficiency? This will be answered below.

How to maintain the patch processing equipment? In the production process, it must be clear that the most important point is weekly maintenance. So what is weekly maintenance? As the name implies, equipment shutdown inspection and nursing work are carried out after the weekly production plan is completed. First of all, it is necessary to check whether the main components of the time placement machine are in a intact state, and whether the buffer action of the process pipe and suction fixture is insensitive. If the buffer action of the suction fixture is detected to be somewhat insensitive, it is necessary to add lubricant so that the components can maintain a sensitive working state; of course, if the loosening condition is detected, it must be re-fixed so as to ensure the safety of the machine in normal operation.

Secondly, it is necessary to check the cleaning condition of the cleaning lens. Of course, if the lens is not clean, the precision of the work production of the chip mounter can be directly reduced, thereby affecting the production process and leading to the generation of defective products. In addition, the shaft lead screw, the air inlet, the guide rail of the shaft wire and the like need to be carefully inspected and corresponding test work, and the potential safety hazard existing can be eliminated in a timely manner. So that the service life of the machine is prolonged, and the equipment is more stable and safe to operate.

In addition to the weekly maintenance, of course, the monthly maintenance is an essential task, and the monthly maintenance focuses on the examination of the mouth of the mouth and the two parts of the mouth, which can be handed over to the professional for testing, and can also be referred to the description of certain professional books and professional websites, To master these maintenance knowledge. Only the combination of weekly maintenance and monthly maintenance can be used for the real maintenance of the equipment, so that the operation of the machine can be improved, and the production efficiency can be improved.