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Parameters of the JUKI chip mounter (KE700/ KE2000)


Parameters of the JUKI chip mounter (KE700/ KE2000)

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a. JUKI KE-710 medium speed placement machine perfect placement speed 0.38 sec/chip, placement accuracy: within/-0.15 mm, placement range:1005-23.5 QFPs, loading rack:80 stations;

b. The perfect patch speed of JUKI KE-730 medium speed placement machine is 0.28secx chip, the precision of patch is within /-0.15mm, the range of patch is 1005 × 23.5 QFPs, and the rack is 8020 stations;

c. JUKI KE-750 medium speed chip mounter, perfect patch speed of 0.25 sec/ chip, patch accuracy: within/-0.15 mm, patch range:1005-23.5 QFPs, loading frame:80;

d. JUKI KE2050 chip mounter 13, 200ch: chip (laser recognition/ actual production work efficiency), laser patch head,1 (4 suction nozzle),0603 (English 0201) chip-20 mm square element, or 26.5-11mm,0402 (English 01005) chip as factory option specification: substrate size m substrate (330-250 mm) l substrate (410-360 mm) lwide (510-360 mm) e substrate (510-460 mm);

e. JUKI KE2070 chip mounter element size: laser recognition 0402 (English 01005) chip ~ 33.5 mm square element image recognition: 1.0-0.5 mm-33.5 mm square element component mounting speed: optimum condition 0.155 sec/ chip (23300 CPH) IC element:4600 CPH * component mounting accuracy: laser recognition: 0.05 mm image identification: 0.04mm element mounting type: up to 80 (converted to 8 mm tape);

f. JUKI KE-720 multifunctional placement machine perfect patch speed 0.75 sec/chip, patch accuracy: within /-0.15mm, patch range: 1005-23.5 QFPs. carrying rack: 64 stations;

g. JUKI KE-740 Multifunctional Patch Machine Perfect Patch Speed 0.34 sec/chip; Patch Precision: within/-0.15 mm; Patch Range:1005-23.5 QFPs; Patch Frame:8020 stations;

h. The perfect patch speed of the multi-function chip mounter of the JUKI KE-760 is 0.32 sec/chip; the patch accuracy: within/-0.15 mm; the patch range:1005-23.5 QFPs; the loading frame:80;

i. JUKI KE2060 chip mounter 12,500ch: chip (laser recognition/ actual production work efficiency) 1,850 CPH: IC (image recognition/ actual production work efficiency),3,400 CPH: IC (image recognition/ use of MNVC) laser patch head,1 (4 suction nozzle) & high-resolution visual mounting head,1 (1 suction nozzle)0603 (imperial 0201) chip-33.5 mm square element 0402 (imperial 01005) chip is factory-factory option image recognition (reflection/ transmission type identification, ball recognition, segmentation and identification), and the mounting speed condition is not different at the same time;

j. JUKI KE2080 chip mounter component size laser recognition 0402 (English 01005) chip ~ 33.5 mm square element image recognition 1.0-0.5mm * 2-74mm square element or 50-150 mm element mounting speed chip component best condition 0.178 sec/chip (20,200 CPH) ipc9850 16,700 CPHIC element * 3 1,850 CPH 4,600 CPH * 4.