Dear customer:
  Hello!In order to make your SMT/AI fully rational use of parts inventory resource, our special“accessories buy”business, to promote the effective conduct of both sides cooperation,  lists the following specific items:
一.repurchase types
SMT machine type:press, reflow and other auxiliary equipment and peripherals.
SMT accessories: laser, sensor, nozzle, feeder, control boards, motors, drives, control box, camera, electromagnetic valve, cylinder, fiber and so on.
二.repurchase process

  1. collated the related products list:name, size, number, picture, quantity, or quality of new and old products, original price, and now want to deal with price and other details with the description of Excel documents, which will help to improve effective cooperation.
  2. List “inventory list”,please send an email; professional staffs will promptly set up according to your send “inventory list” content and images, and examine our company can accept the price give reply within 24 hours.
  3. Price and quality assessment and consultation. Our quality of products made mainly from the price of validation, if both sides failed to reach agreement on price, through effective consultation, in order to set objective and reasonable price.
  4. To protect the economic interests of both sides, Our company asked need to develop “product repurchase contract”.
  5. Transactions can be arranged by express or someone delivery to our company.
  6. Payment after passing inspection. Our company would inspected timely as soon as get goods, payment may be qualified if the inspection.

三.Quality assurance: most parts in the inspection process can determine its quality level, due to electrical feeder, motors, control panel and other accessories, can not determine the quality and appearance of the situation, six in have problems, please give repair, replace or return (because most of the parts is to buy back inventory, no chance test the quality within a short time)
四.Accessories repurchase contact
Tel: 0755-27392455 

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