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Our company main business as follows:
    *Supply & Repair original JUKI spare parts.
    *Supply new and used original SMT feeders.
    *Supply copy SMT feeders and spare parts.
    *Supply SMT related equipment etc.
    *New and used SMT equipment and spare parts trade.
    *Repair service for CYBEROPTICS camera and laser:DEK camera,Juki laser,Samsung laser,Philips laser,Tenryu laser,Aototronik laser,Yamaha laser etc.
    *Repair service for SMT/AI servo driver,servo motor,industrial camera,monitor,power supply,circuit board,electronic systems etc.
    *Recovery original new(used and faulty) JUKI Spare parts, Cyberoptics laser and Cyberoptics camera.
    *Recovery original new and used smt spare parts, feeder etc.
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