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JUKI RS-1 RS-1R Y AXIS SERVO MOTOR HG-RR153 40146348 401-46348

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Juki Servo Motor

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Smt machine spare parts JUKI RS-1 RS-1R Y AXIS SERVO MOTOR HG-RR153 40146348

Part Number: JUKI 401-46348

Model Number:  JUKI HG-RR153

Sell & Buy smt machine and spare parts.

Supply all smt spare parts at lower price.

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16 PV-0152120-00 FINGER VALVEフィンガーバルブ 1 
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20 BT-0600400-EC TUBE HOSE, BLUEウレタンホ-ス 青 5 
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25 400-77326 ELBOW UNIONエルボユニオン 1 
NOTE(注記 ) #01....TYPE EJECTOR(BEFORE M/C REV.D)エジェクタ仕様(M/CREV.D以前)

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