Fujintai Technology Co., Ltd. has the service guarantee in place within 24 hours, the real-time tracking of the transaction logistics and the perfect after-sales service system, and is committed to providing high-quality service for customers.

Fujintai has a strong and complete maintenance service team, with more than 30 professional engineering and technical maintenance personnel, proficient in JUKI,FUJI,PANASONIC,YAMAHA,I-PULSE,HITACHI,SAMSUNG,HANWHA,UIC,ASM,SIEMENS,PHILIPS,SONY,DEK,MPM,GKG,HELLER,BTU,ERSA,ETC,ETA,ASYMTEK. and other models of structure and electrical principles, proficient in the debugging and maintenance of machinery and equipment. At the same time, in order to ensure the normal production and operation of customers during the maintenance period.

Fujintai has stored a large number of JUKI,FUJI,PANASONIC,YAMAHA,I-PULSE,HITACHI,SAMSUNG,HANWHA,UIC,ASM,SIEMENS,PHILIPS,SONY,DEK,MPM,GKG,HELLER,BTU,ERSA,ETC,ETA,ASYMTEK smt machine and spare parts..smt and ai  and other loan customers to replace them, saving a lot of time and cost for customer production, and seeking the maximization of their own interests for customers.