Advantages of JUKI placement machine


The rapid development factor of JUKI patch machine.

JUKI placement machine X axis and Y axis control: displacement size organic body magnetic ruler and servo motor full closed loop control, patch machine displacement resolution 2.0um to ensure permanent high precision quality, free from dust, temperature and other external environmental factors to achieve high precision positioning, the most important point, its X axis and Y axis motor synchronous drive.
JUKI recognition mode: laser and camera recognition, small elements through laser direct recognition, special-shaped elements have cameras to identify, to ensure its high-speed and accurate characteristics.
JUKI feeder: four support points are fixed to increase the stability and reliability of the positioning of the feeder. The feeding maneuverability is driven by a separate mechanical structure. At the same time, the suction height of the working head is automatically measured to ensure the reliability of 0402, 0201 and other components to a certain extent.
JUKI mounting mode: the self-calibration function of vacuum pressure failure timing is helpful to avoid bringing the element back at the moment of patch, and the function of the next component is not affected when the high density mounting is carried out.
JUKI placement machine simplifies the function to the minimum, guarantees the high productivity with the lower cost, adopts the latest laser recognition system, the operation is simple, the universality is high.