The choice and function of the suction nozzle of the chip mounter


How to select the appropriate suction nozzle of placement machine and what is its function.

SMT nozzle is the key component of SMT machine, which is mainly used to absorb and place SMT components. Because the SMT placement machine on the market has a variety of different materials of nozzles, such as steel, ceramics, plastic steel, iron, aluminum alloy and so on; according to the shape of the machine can be divided into: round hole, square hole, v shape and so on; also according to the difference of size can be divided into many kinds. There are the following options:

Through the shape selection of the suction nozzle of the placement machine itself:

The suction nozzle has the shape of v slot, round hole, square hole and so on. Usually custom suction nozzle, according to the shape of the material, select a flat suction point, or make an extended suction nozzle, the groove plane absorption of the material; some will be made into a zigzag according to the edge of the material; some ends use a plane, the middle is uneven, you need to build a bridge; some materials are sticky, if the material is not easy to discharge, you need to open some grooves in the suction nozzle wall, or directly make a rubber head.

Through the material selection of the suction nozzle of the placement machine itself:

a. When the material is sticky or the surface of the material is uneven, it should be suitable to choose the rubber head suction nozzle. because the service life of the rubber head suction nozzle is not long, when ordering the rubber head suction nozzle, it is suggested to buy more rubber nozzle head and set aside, when the nozzle head is worn out, it can be replaced directly;

b. The iron stone steel suction nozzle has the characteristics of easy to use, firm and never whitish, but the price is more expensive and the cost performance is not high;

c. Ceramic suction nozzle has the characteristic of never whitening, but it is brittle and easy to break. Careful use can reduce or avoid the occurrence of fracture;

d. Although the tungsten steel suction nozzle is strong and durable, it is easy to whiten. SMT novice can choose tungsten steel suction nozzle. After whitening, apply it with an oily pen and continue to use it.

Select the size of the suction nozzle through the placement machine:

The standard specification material, the suction nozzle specification is basically fixed, when some material shape strange, must specially customize the matching suction nozzle.

The suction nozzle is not only an important part of the film applicator to attach and release the suction components, but also the background of the camera of the optical vision system. It mainly uses the vacuum adsorption effect to absorb the components, and the components adsorbed on the suction nozzle to the coordinate position of the circuit board.