An overview of the research on the maintenance of JUKI


The Research and Maintenance of the Light-emitting Device.

Since its establishment, Fujintai Technology Co., Ltd. has devoted itself to the research of SMT/ AI and other automatic production equipment, and has made considerable achievements in the field of JUKI placement machine equipment maintenance.

Because the sales price of spare parts of foreign advanced production equipment is quite high, and the order period is long, under the influence of this kind of situation, the maintenance business of the company also adapts to the rapid development of the market demand extension.

The following is an example of a high-precision optical measurement tool, which is a high-precision optical measurement tool, but at the same time it has its limitations, which is loss, aging and failure. In general, the lifetime of the device is usually about 4 years. And the error in the mounting and detection of the machine equipment is increased, so that the material throwing is increased and the production cost is wasted. In this case, the exit of the machine needs to be replaced or processed.

Because of the high selling price of CYBEROPTICS LASER, in order to save the cost of equipment maintenance, we have repeatedly researched and tested the shooting part of the JUKI machine at the beginning of the establishment of the company, and introduced a batch of advanced testing and adjusting equipment, and successfully overcome this difficulty. Not only does the enterprise unit save the cost, but also has won a valuable time. In fact, the JUKI laser, which has been well maintained by my company, is exactly the same as the original brand-new life.

At the same time, we found that other brands of placement machines also have CYBEROPTICS LASER SENSOR, such as YAMAHA,SAMSUNG,TENRYU,PHILIPS/ ASSEMBLEON and so on. In this way, we successfully overcome one difficulty after another on the original basis. Therefore, our success has won a large market, so we have also developed rapidly into a leader in SMT/ AI equipment maintenance industry at home and abroad.

Our success cannot be separated from the efforts of the enterprise itself, but also from the support of many factory enterprises and partners. We are also always in line with the "customer satisfaction" purpose to serve, and hope to bring more benefits to customers.