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Hot Sale Dustless Cleanroom Wiper Cloth Industial Cleaning Dust-free Paper Of High Quality

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Product Description

Hot Sale Dustless Cleanroom Wiper Cloth Industial Cleaning Dust-free Paper Of High Quality

Product Description:

The dust-free paper is constructed from a hydro entangled, nonwoven blend of 55% cellulose and 45% polyester. This composite substrate combines the characteristics of high water absorption of natural fibers and strong cleanliness of synthetic substance, Cold knife edge cutting does not contain chemical adhesive, high water absorption, low wear resistance, chemical comatibility with common cleaning agent and disinfection solution, and is an ideal tool for cleaning and drying electronic parts.

Product Name Hot Sale Industial cleaning dust-free paper with high quality
Size 4*4, 6*6, 9*9 (customize)
Color White
Material 55% cellulose & 45% polyester fiber
Cut Edge Laser cut, ultrasonic cut, cold cut
Use Generai cleaning
MOQ 1 bags

Product Features:

1. Highly absorption, highly abrasion, resistance and softness;

2. Available in a variety of size to suit most applications;

3. 100% polyester long fiber has high absorbency and low abrasion resistance;

4. Specification could be regulated as request to balance the economy and cleanliness.

Product Application:

Products are mainly used in precision equipment manufacturing, equipment processing industry, shipbuilding industry, iron and steel production, all kinds of mechanical and electrical processing centers, electronic components production, display production, electronic industry, biochemical engineering, printing industry and so on.

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