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Asm Siemens Snap Switch Changer S 826B 00338005

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Smt Machine Spare Parts Asm Siemens Snap Switch Changer S 826B 00338005

Part Number: Siemens 00338005

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00322864-01 Retrofit kit compressed air distributor
00322901-02 Nozzle 4xx f.JST-plug ZR
00323044S05 NOZZLE MAGAZINE 7/9xx
00323049S02 NOZZLE REJECT SP6/12 (S20)
00323052S01 DETACH WIRE
00323077S05 REJECT BOX SP6/12
00323187S01 Lifting Magnet complete
00323208S04 PICK UP WINDOW
00323209-01 Cover f.linear conveyor typ 3
00323210-01 Flap cpl.,axis and actuating screw
00323211-01 BE-Component Type 3
00323212-01 Centering Unit
00323213-01 Pressure Spring Fimecor Vibr.
00323214-01 Actuating Screw on Lifting Magn et
00323216-01 Actuating Screw Flap Opener
00323217S01 Power Supply Cable (plug in) for Type 3
00323219-01 Lifting magnet for vibrations feeder II a. III

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