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Asm Siemens Feeder Cart 00119022-02

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Asm/Siemens Feeder

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Product Description

Smt Machine Spare Parts Asm Siemens Feeder Cart 00119022-02

Part No:  Siemens 00119022

Sell & Buy smt machine and spare parts.

Supply all smt spare parts at lower price.

Other spare parts:

00370133-01 DOOR RIGHT SIDE COMPL.(S20/F4)
00370137-01 Twisted-Pair-Cable RJ45 Kat. 5e 0,5m gy
00370147-01 LAN Card 3COM 3C905C-TX-M
00370176-02 Light Barrier, Transmitter, Input Belt
00370177-04 Ligth barrier transmitter placem. belt 1
00370178-02 Light Barrier Transmitter Intermediate
00370179-03 Ligth barrier transmitter placem. belt 2
00370180-02 Light Barrier,Transmitter,Output Belt
00370202-01 Light Barrier Recifer INPUT
00370203-01 Light Barrier Recifer PLACEMENT 1
00370204-01 Light Barrier Recifer Intermediate
00370205-01 Light Barrier Recifer Placement 2
00370206-01 Light Barrier Recifer OUTPUT
00370239-01 IEC-Interface Linux-Rechner (PCI-GPIB)
00370298-01 Sensor PC-Board-Clamping BB1
00370299-01 Sensor PC-Board-Clamping BB2
00370323-01 SENSOR BOW
00370327-01 Cable cover 25x150

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