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Asm Siemens Vacuum Nozzle Type 918 00321864

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Asm/Siemens Nozzle

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Product Description

Smt Machine Spare Parts Asm Siemens Vacuum Nozzle Type 918 00321864

Part No:  ASM 00321864-07

Model No: Siemens 918

Sell & Buy smt machine and spare parts.

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Other spare parts:

00378456-02 Retrofit Kit Ribboncable with Cableduct F4 F5
00378457-02 Retrofit Kit Ribboncable with Cableduct F 5 HM CF
00378461-01 Retrofit Kit  C-O-Table Dock-In
00378465-01 Retrofit Kit  C-O-Table Dock-In X
00378484-02 SMD TAPE CONNECTOR 4,3mm ESD
00378485-02 SMD TAPE CONNECTOR 16mm ESD
00378511-02 Protective Tape Scotch 2104c, 12mm wide
00378539-01 plus expenses
00378599-01 SOFTWARE SIPLACE STATION 408.01 Update
00378600-01 SOFTWARE SIPLACE STATION 408/1-408.01
00378656-01 component barcode    (1 licence)
00378700-03 Upgrade Package SIPLACE Pro (V4.1SP1)
00378710-03 Siplace Pro V4.1SP1 - addional language
00378749-01 AutoPlac.Prog.Downl.LP Barcode(1 Licence)
00378768S01 GEAR WHEEL 2 12/16mmS
00378784-01 Monitorcable 15pol plug/plug 1,8m
00378861S01 GEAR WHEEL 2 24/32mmS
00378888-04 Setup Center update Package V2.2 SP1

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