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SMT Zig Splice Scissors Cutter Smt Splice Clamp Plier TL-518

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SMT Zig splice scissors cutter Smt splice clamp plier TL-518


cutting the component and carrier tape, installs the brass buckle on the location pin of splice pincer and presses the carrier tape to the brass buckle. Please ensure the cambuckle is pressed properly on the carrier tape, and then take the carrier tape out. Finished.


(1) Easy to operate, and it is light and handy for the special material;

(2) Its quality is excellent and durable, with long service life;

(3) It's firm when uses the SMT single-sided carrier tape and brass buckle together;

(4) Improving work efficiency; 

(5) Saving material, which making full use of the remaining material;

(6) Reducing downtime to extend the service life of the machine.

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