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Automotive Baking Tape Pvc Automotive Masking Tape

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Automotive Baking Tape pvc automotive masking tape

Designed to mask on the paint, this tape will be carried out at temperature of 163℃ for at least 60 minutes and can be removed without adhesion. Not only can very good adhesion to a variety of surfaces, but also after removal will not leave residue. Comply with ROHS 2002/ 95/ EC requirements.

The products are mainly used in high temperature environment working surface treatment shielding protection, electroplating, electrophoresis, high temperature baking paint, wafer element end electrode use. At the same time, it is also used to cover the gold finger part in the process of impregnation of printed circuit board, electronic parts and PCB board, and to prevent the immersion and pollution of electroplating solution, and to protect the printed circuit board with gold plating.

Preferred place, the tape must conform to and follow the outline without twisting or tearing. It is important for sheet resistance and removal of nonadhesive transfer.

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